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May Day

ShareOtherwise known as the “BIG ‘S’ DAY!!!” Mr. Man turned 4 yesterday! He had a blast of course, and just soaked it all in throughout. The day started with our traditional bday waffles. Who doesn’t like the chance to make multiple wishes throughout your special day (or heck, just blow out a burning candle several times on a special day)?! […]

Garden Bliss

ShareThis weekend was Dad’s bday and his special bday choice was to have a picnic at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and then take a stroll through the spring bloom. It was threatening to rain right before we left, and even on and off throughout, but it maintained perfection! We had not been there in so long, and thoroughly enjoyed a lovely picnic […]

Soccer Success!

ShareSome months of build up and today was our season opener! Way back in October or November I had approached the entire homeschooling community (in all of Chicago and surrounding suburbs) about starting a region-wide homeschooling youth soccer league (HYSL it has come to be known). From my original email I had over 60 responses! It was quite an out-pouring […]

HYSL update

ShareThe Homeschool Youth Soccer League that I have been attempting to get off the ground had a parents meeting this evening. I really wanted to get all parents who could volunteer their time to help get this league going to meet face-to-face to really hash out the details and get people in on my vision of how this could pan […]

Birthday Amidst

ShareIt’s been a very busy busy week. Not only were there some classes ending while others were starting up, but we all in varying degrees were battling some cold-thing going on. Hit some of us a lot harder than others, and trying to keep up with life while so much was going on…. well, ya know. K and D both […]

This ‘n That

ShareI have found March to already be a bit more chaotic than usual and causing us all to feel like chickens with our head cut off. It’s been hectic, and not the best sorta way b/c of the end result (tired and resentful). It’s always a tough time when some things are coming to an end, and other things are […]