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Settling Down

ShareWhen I was younger, heck, most of life, I did not gravitate towards one specific group of people, or certain group of friends, or ‘stay still’ long enough to be considered a part of this group or that. I was very much a floater. I enjoyed all people in all “groups”, and was very interested in being everyone’s friend. I […]


ShareI’m feeling the struggle lately. There are relationships in my life in which I am not at ease with their current status. The stinker part is figuring out how to recreate the relationships for myself andcreate a peace within, and overcome the sadness that they are not what *I expect them to be*. How does that happen? I sometimes think I […]


ShareYou know we have had a perfect end to a beautiful week. We had gorgeous weather Thursday for park day and after the last trip to gymnastics and after quick grocery run, we even made it out to our first full moon jam of the season. We had missed last month’s due to complete exhaustion among the majority of us, and […]

OMG … it’s really true

ShareSo ok… here I am totally attempting to live life as it feels right inside of me. Not the easiest thing to do when you were raised…. um… pretty much the exact opposite and you have 35 years to undo! But yea, what I mean is this whole “radical” unschooly-ness that our lives have evolved to, or into… or still […]

Random Thoughts

ShareSo, as usual, I can report that life has been very full and busy at the Jarjusey home. We just wrapped up the Christmas ornament/cards that we send out each year. It was quite unusual this year having to do an ornament with 3 photos!! I found myself reflecting on the last 7 months and realizing, “wow we really do […]