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ShareJust gotta love ya a good storm! It’s been hot, hot, HOT here the last couple of days. In the 90’s with heat index feeling like over 100. The beach was good, but  ya know… it was just hot. Today we ended up hanging out at home. Some pools just not open yet, and those that are were just too […]

Just ‘be’ day

ShareIt’s been a hectic couple of weeks, but after a great afternoon with G’ma, including a pizza, movie and cake…. just cuz’ we wanted to have a Friday evening party with her, we will be enjoying a day at home. I call that a day to just ‘be’ and not go anywhere. Lounge in PJ’s all day long, play games, […]

This ‘n That

ShareI have found March to already be a bit more chaotic than usual and causing us all to feel like chickens with our head cut off. It’s been hectic, and not the best sorta way b/c of the end result (tired and resentful). It’s always a tough time when some things are coming to an end, and other things are […]

Saturday bliss

ShareWhat’s not to love about a Saturday? I think it is becoming my absolute favorite day of the week. Never used to be as I used to have a class to cart someone to, or errands to run, or meetings to attend. And as of late I have nix’d all of that. The classes must all be during the week, […]

OMG … it’s really true

ShareSo ok… here I am totally attempting to live life as it feels right inside of me. Not the easiest thing to do when you were raised…. um… pretty much the exact opposite and you have 35 years to undo! But yea, what I mean is this whole “radical” unschooly-ness that our lives have evolved to, or into… or still […]