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1st BDAY

Share This baby….. THIS baby…. she just R.O.C.K.S.!!!! She is a little ball of spitfire. She is determined, funny (hilarious actually), cuddly, smart as smart can be, active, walkin’!!!, talkin’!!!!…… DANCING and SINGING kinda baby. She is everyone’s pride and joy. These siblings…. they just eat her up ALLLLLL day long. She’s a blessing among this already A.M.A.Z.I.N.G bunch of […]


Share   <——- This my friends is 5 miles! Today was my first attempt…. and accomplishment of a five mile run! I am happy. I am delirious. Deliriously happy could be added to that as well. Folks…. it’s been a good 14 years since I have given myself this type of love and attention. I am, have been, remain to be 110% devoted to […]


ShareI feel among the lucky to have had five perfectly healthy and fairly uneventful pregnancies. I, however, was unable to have a homebirth until my 4th (out of five) baby due to inaccessibility to legalized homebirth alternatives in the state of IL. It is a down right shame and disservice for lawmakers not to legalize all of many, amazing, caring, […]


ShareFalling in love with your body all over again…. and again…. and again. Women whose bodies have ever changed and changed again… I hope you know and can experience what I am feeling now (and once again)….. falling in true love with your body again after it has changed and evolved and provided you with an amazing life…. with only […]

5th Baby – Part Duo

Share  I know… it’s been quite some time since I posted the former about the “leading up to” birth. The anticipation, the “false starts” that were really getting us all that much closer to meeting our wee one. It was a crazy 12 days late. I called SBJ home from work more than I care to admit, with only to […]

5th Baby – Part 1

ShareYou know…. this has been a whirlwind two weeks for us over here. So I figure I better jot down some details before the details all start to fade into distant memories….. with all that has been happening (or not happening, depending on how you look at it)!!! For starters, let me say baby is not here yet. My EDD […]