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Summer Bliss

ShareIt’s been a great summer! Hot, hot, hot! But we have been enjoying every minute. Quicky updates: I’m feeling much, MUCH better, as is M. She is WALKING now! I can’t get over that one. Only about 5-6 wobbly steps, but she prefers to try over and over and will be truly cruising with in a week I’m sure of […]


ShareI gots some swimmin’ fiends on my hands! It’s been a fun couple of weeks with the swimming skills flourishing all around. K’s latest “tricks” have been to finally (and I mean FINALLY!! ; ) putting his head under water and realizing he won’t drown! Just last week he realized that he could stick his head under, and that led […]

Water therapy

ShareToday was amazing. Just had to report. 6.5 hours at grandpa’s pool was extremely therapeutic for each of us. Still had to pry K out of the water at 6:3opm b/c I was about to die of starvation at that point. D’s eyes so red she nearly passed out in her plate during dinner. S totally on the mends…. happiness in […]

Summer coming to an end

Share Well, it’s already the last day of August and man this summer has just flown by. It was not much of the ‘true’ Chicago weather that we are used to, so in a way feels like we were gipped a bit. It’s been in the mid to upper 60’s the last couple of days and just does not seem […]