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Run Noel!

Share So these pix are just hilarious… the story behind these… S wanted to hurl our hamster, Noel, across the room! ; ) He seems to be the one that is most keen on our hamster, Noel, who was a gift from Grandpa for Christmas. He goes up to the cage frequently to check on her and say hello to […]

Good tidings….

ShareSo Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We visited mom and it was just us and she cooked a wonderful feast for us. Sat and chatted the day/evening away and truly enjoyed a wonderful day. The kids were thrilled to be a Grandma’s for so long. K has this funny thing…. when he’s had a really awesome time, he’ll rant and rave […]

The Hermies Have Landed

ShareToday was the BIG day! We are official “pet owners” as of this afternoon appx. 4pm central time! ; ) We had been discussing this for weeks…. well maybe even months! (The kids wanted a cat when I was pregnant with S, and I kept putting it off saying “when the baby is here, we will discuss ‘A’ pet option”…. […]