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ShareThis pic got me so triggered today….. Per my usual schedule…. I have a few Facebook and Instagram accounts I manage marketing for. This weekend was my weekend to work on my personal (work) accounts, verses that of a client. During the course of the month, leading up to my scheduled posting date, I save memes that inspire me, trigger […]


ShareThe magic button…. right?! I laugh literally every single time I hear, “I’m booooorrrrrreeeedddddd!” First… I glance at that child and say, “really? What does that even mean and how is that even possible?” I mean with this radical unschooly life you lead…. the world is truly your oyster at every given second of the day! Boredom? I have never […]

Ignorance is bliss???

Share So….. THIS appears on my FB feed this morning.   I am stumped and dumbfounded. If you do not already know my standing….. please do feel free to visit HERE to be enlightened on the innards of my brain’s workings. When I begin to read this post, I am first shocked…. shocked that this person’s one and only interpretation […]