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Summer coming to an end

Share Well, it’s already the last day of August and man this summer has just flown by. It was not much of the ‘true’ Chicago weather that we are used to, so in a way feels like we were gipped a bit. It’s been in the mid to upper 60’s the last couple of days and just does not seem […]

Summer is fun!

ShareIt’s been far too long since I’ve update our doin’s…. It’s been a really really nice summer so far. We’ve only had one pretty intense week of heat and otherwise the weather’s been completely amazing! I had an au pair meeting mid-June and it was a potluck picnic at the lake with a mini soccer tournament running along side. It […]


ShareI’m getting a little frustrated. I need to get a particular project done and feeling like I have no time to truly work on it. Granted, I’ve enjoyed every second not working on it, so it’s hard to be that frustrated, yet I’d love to actually accomplish it and not finding the time to do so, aside from staying up […]