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ShareOk… so I’m hooked and done a little self-analysis on why I might be hooked : ) I did get through the full 1st season via netflix, to come to find out that I’m now caught up. I had not realized there was only one season prior to the one I’m currently watching now on tv. Found that out by […]

You look….

ShareTired. Yep… isn’t that something you always want to hear? Ironically, I showed up to this place feeling awesome. I had a fabulous night’s sleep. I got out the door on time with 4 kids in tow. Kids were all excited about the class, and I was greeted with…. “OHHH…. today you look tired.” I even question, “What? Really? Hmmm…. […]


ShareThe TV show… it’s become one of my new favorites to tune into. I appreciate each and every dynamic in this show and find it comical and relatable. I am not even sure how I first tuned into this show, but when the season premiere came on, I was kinda hooked. Haven’t had a show like that since I was […]

Motherhood… sometimes sucks

ShareYes, that’s just the plain honest truth. As much as I LOVE being a mama more than anything in the world…. there are those moments where it just sucks. Today might be one of those days…. for me. So the older 2 had wanted to go the pool as of lately, and as much as I was trying to accommodate […]