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Sling love

ShareI received an order for a ring sling recently and just finished it today. I love making new slings and pouches for mamas and babies. I find it quite rewarding and pour lots of love into them. My signature sling has become one with batik fashions. With the pouches, I tend to use an entire batik fabric per the mama’s […]

Breast Milk Sugars Give Infants a Protective Coat

Sharehttp://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/03/science/03milk.html Breast Milk Sugars Give Infants a Protective Coat   By NICHOLAS WADE   Published: August 2, 2010 A large part of human milk cannot be digested by babies and seems to have a purpose quite different from infant nutrition — that of influencing the composition of the bacteria in the infant’s gut. The details of this three-way relationship between […]


ShareYes… my next adventure is going to be teaching Bradley Method classes. Really very psyched about the concept as it will lead to the bigger picture as well. I ultimately would love to do Doula work, but seeing as I’m about to have baby 4, this idea is sorta on the back-burner for some time. However, Bradley, something I am […]

To cut or not to cut…..

ShareThat is the question! Yes…. my latest “dilemma”…. I had cut my hair pretty short in the last few months and LOVED it. It’s grown out quite a bit since then and I’m in the position of trying to figure out if I should grow it out, or cut it super short again. Yes, yes, I know, such a painstaking […]

Bitter sweet

ShareSo…. it seems it’s come to an end…. and as much as I am relieved, I am so utterly sad. It’s mourning time for mama. The big S has seemed to have weaned himself. Yes, that’s right, no more nursing. I’m thrilled we’ve gone beyond 2 years, and I’m thrilled that he seems done before the arrival of new baby, […]


ShareI somehow can’t wrap my brain around the fact that we are 20 weeks along in this last pregnancy and that we will have a baby here in just four short months! We had our 20 week ultrasound today and while it was sooooooo super cool to see the little buggar floating around in there, healthy and happy… heart beating […]