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ShareWe did it!!! I’m just so proud of us! We finally did what we’ve been saying we’d do for just soooooo long. We finally got the tent and gear and set off for our first camping trip this past weekend. Invited along to attend with a home school group who does 2 annual camping trips a year for the last […]

Henna Tea Party

ShareWhat mom doesn’t need, long for, and *deserve* an afternoon away from home with lovely like-minded moms to enjoy a cup of tea? And, what’s more enjoyable than a cup of tea with friends? A cup of yummy tea with good friends AND the luxury of a little pampering. I had the pleasure of all three today with an amazing […]


ShareWow! Now that was fun! I envision, dream and feel the day when I can do that more often! With lots of families and friends gathering under one roof and enjoying good food! Today I hosted my first Mama’s Tea at our place. I think there were at least 10 mama’s in attendance and our place, as small as it […]

Henna belly!

ShareToday was such a fun day catching up with Aunt Jess! She was in town this week and we got a full day all to ourselves. We drove of this AM to pick up a Subway lunch and Jess in north Evanston and shoot over to NUG beach day. Fun that the kids got to catch up with friends, we […]

I’m on a roll

Share(Halloween Store #1—?! ; ) So yes, after my last post, I figure ‘why not? I’m on a roll!’ It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, and rightfully so… our life has been so stinkin’ busy lately I’m not sure whether I’m going or going or whether it’s Tuesday or Friday…. let alone October or December! The weather’s been chilly […]