Happy 2019!

We are ringing in another new year in Albuquerque…. a full year and half of NM life and I have been a total slacker in the blogging department. Our life here is truly incredible! I could not imagine these changes and the impacts they would/could/have/do make on our lives. This coming year, I feel a muse coming on! Watch out! Nakitababy is taking on a revamp and you’ll be hearing from me more often than maybe you’d like!¬† ūüėÄ I’m soooooo excited with the bursting creativity oozing from my crevices…. now only to find the time to get ALLLLL the things done! Till then…. ENJOY your new year’s with your loved ones! Welcome in ALL possibilities into your life! Will met ya on the flipside!!!

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New Year’s Status

This whole week has been wonderful. We have caught up with friends we don’t usually get to see, and enjoyed all of our free time from classes being off. Yesterday we even connected with my Auntie who I don’t think I have seen since high school and she only lives out in Lombard! It was one of those events in life that make you realize you need to do more of…. that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone thing. Yea, I was kinda petrified to go when it got down to the wire, and the kids were excited to meet her, so I kept pushing myself forward to do it, for them, and man what a feeling to accomplish something like that you could easily just lock away in the closet forever. Made me realize I have grown a few tendencies as of late that I’m not so proud of, and I’m gonna change that…. adding to my new year’s resolution list. I am not going to falter to that fear-factor in me any more. I am going to try to push through more uncomfortable feeling things, and in essence set a better example for my kids. For starters…. clearing the air with a very very old friend of mine. I miss her dearly, and did not realize just how much K did too. A random comment came up this week and made me realize just how¬†much I have let things go. That’s gotta change, or I’m not offering much in the way of changing paths, offering new directions, and “doing things better than they were done.”

Ah. So today has been quite pleasant. Got a tiny bit of sleep-in time. Got to work out in the AM before the day started, which is so much better than working out at night I have to say. We headed to a local library to see Despicable Me (very funny movie… I enjoyed far more than I anticipated), and then gathered up some new year’s stuffs b/c K and D decided they would make it to midnight today! (We’ll see how that pans out : ) Upon returning home, they all dug into making and decorating masks and hats for their New Year’s party, and blew up balloons. I made a scrumptious Domoda in our brand new cooking pot, which is SO fabulous (both the pot and the domoda : ) . SBJ has crashed on the couch already, though he may wake right before midnight to cheer us and fall back to sleep. M is crashed right next to him…. S who kept saying was going to stay up all night, asked me to take him to bed and read to him at 9p and he was out like a light in 5 min. flat. D and K are on the Wii. Left me to a lil’ time to contemplate and write, and I’m gonna head out and see who’s jammin’ what in Lego Rock Band!

I for one, am SO looking forward to 2011. Though 2010 was SO full of trials¬†and tribulations, lots o’ bumpy roads for us… it was an amazing year! Aside from the blessing of our newest lil’ Jarjusey, M, in September, it was an amazing learning year for me. I learned so much about myself, my family and our relationship that I know for certain would not have come if it had not been all that we needed to cope with through the year. Unemployment was one of those blessings and a curse all rolled into one. And for that, I will never forget 2010. I will cherish 2010. And, I open-heartily welcome 2011 into our lives. It will be an incredible addition to our journey so far.

Happy New Year!

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Christmas was FULL…. of absolutely everything! It started early with a package that arrived from CA from AJ and PTU. They really over did it this year, with shipping and all. The kids were so so eager to open *some*thing, that I had to cave and let them pry open the box. I really (really) had them going this year. Last Sunday I had gone out to a “meeting” and they fully thought I was at a meeting. It was so awesome. I got all of their shopping done and wrapped in one day. They never saw a single scrap of paper or a single shopping bag, and those that they did see were for other people, so I just said, “nope, not for you guys. Look…. see?!” And showed them the bags and gifts. So they really had no clue. Even in our dinky lil’ place, I had great hiding place in SBJs bottomless pit of a closet. The black trash bags were not even noticed in there! So the whole week before they were so panicky and worried that mommy was not even shopping for them this year! I had thrown out so many comments like, “hm, no space for new stuff, doesn’t seem we need anything new.” They really were thrown through a loop and thought I was not “doing xmas” this year! It was awesome. When they saw the presents emerge on xmas morning, they were over-the-top surprised and thrilled. It was great.

But, after the early xmas box they were fueled for G’pas house the next day. We went to dad’s for a xmas brunch with family, and then hosted G’ma here at our place for xmas dinner. P was able to stop by after work in the evening, but he was pretty beat and did not stay long. SBJ was running on complete empty! He had not slept since the day before and did his shift that evening before. Wow. He was tired. But the day was full and you know…. quite a bit eye-opening this year. A few family instances that really made me realize just how much I need to let go of a few things, and just how much people are going to hear about it from here on out…. AND how I’m gonna stop feeling guilty for everything.

Xmas day was just as lovely as it was envisioned. I got to sleep in just a bit, which just about killed the kids with anxiousness! But they delved into Santa’s gifts (and then our surprises!) and enjoyed ALL of it. Lavished in left overs, new games and toys, and lounging in pj’s the whole day. It was SO much fun that we never even did get to the candy houses till the next day. Sunday was just a lovely xmas extension as we were snowed in with 6 inches of snow and no where to go. So we enjoyed much of the same, and got around to the candy house construction.

Been contemplating the new year. A friend on FB posted some really great resolutions to herself and it sparked this long list of come really great things, that I am not sure I would have ever materialized myself. Feeling rather brainless, forgetful, and not as productive as I sure would love to be, I really appreciated everyone doing the work for me  : )

Anyway… here are a few that are high on the list for me this year… and probably more to add as I contemplate this more:

– One weekly family ritual (Love this idea! While we usually have dinner altogether every evening, a family weekly deal would be awesome.) Ours will probably be a family movie theater night. We love doing this and don’t make enough time for enjoying a fun flick together. We love popping popcorn and cuddling up on our big ol’ couch. I think we will have a weekly family night!

– Date my husband! (YES!!!! Love this. You know, in nearly 9 years of parenthood, I have not once… not ONCE had a family member offer to babysit so that SBJ and I could actually be couple! Shameful really…. but yes, this will be the year this changes. A monthly. at the very least,¬†date night is in the works.)

– Write, write, write! Aside from really keeping up with blogging, I would love to write a book. I have this idea pondering around in my brain and really would love to get it out on paper. I would need to really get organized to make it happen over the course of this year. But I think it could be a good topic, good sell, and fun writing as well! Clincher is… that’s a full time job in and of itself! : )

– Move my body everyday! So yea, not committing to “loosing ‘x’ amount of weight”, not putting pressure on anything happening, but WILL expect of myself that outside of just the kids-stuff…. I need to move myself everyday and break a sweat in doing so. I think this is loose enough that I can select and activity that I feel moved to do in a given day, and yet I will stick to it and really make an effort to be more attentive to myself and my needs. AND, after this weekend of being a couch potato with the kids and eating WAY too much candy, I feel it really bad. And so I realize just how daunting it could be/get if I did not stick to just this one concept…. Move + sweat = happy body and mind.

– These last two kinda go hand-n-hand. 1) Eliminate bull-crap, and 2) say “no” and DON’T feel guilty. I’ve griped about my inability to do this more than once, and after this holiday with extended family, I think I’m finally in a place in my life to really do this! There are points in time (like right now) when I want to jump up and down and celebrate this feeling! And then there are harsh reality that makes me made that it took me THIS LONG to figure this out!!! Why couldn’t someone tell me to do this long (long) ago??? ; )


That’s my list in progress. I feel really good about these so far. I have a couple superficial things to also add there… like shift in jobs is a high priority. But this list…. good, really good. I wish I could take more credit for it : )


“Every religion on the planet has told us to have FAITH. Faith is when you cannot see the *how*, but you absolutely know that the moment you have the dream it is given to you. All you have to do is relax and allow the Universe to magnetize you to your dream and your dream to you.”

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Gettin’ By

Holiday season is rough this year. I think it’s getting harder for me as the kids get older and I so desperately want to establish some of our own traditions in our family that just don’t get put as a priority. My fault really, as the past few years I have just succumb to everyone else’s plans and put ours on the back-burner. I had¬†never said ‘no’ to anything for fear of a) the kids not being able to celebrate with their extended family, and b) hurting other people’s feelings. But then our family¬†is not a priority to our ownselves and that’s just¬†so backwards.¬†I think this year I’m taking that to heart finally and we are having our special xmas day reestablished.¬†We will do xmas eve with extended family and xmas day at home to play and enjoy each other, eat left overs and stay in pj’s all day enjoying our new goodies. I’m looking forward to that and will cherish every moment of it!

Now to get my butt in gear on the shopping. It’s been hard to get motivated on it. I’ve desperately tried to do much of it online but have not found the shipping deals everyone claims are out there! I fill a shopping cart and then find shipping to cost an arm and a lef. Yuck. So I cancel the load with a list of stuff to go off to the shops and hung down. But then the weather has been so yuck that I don’t even want to leave the house unless we must for classes (or my work). I need to get the jolly spirit to bite my behind and get out the door and accomplish it already!

Other…. hmmm… random thoughts:

D had a fun girl scout investiture ceremony last week. Bitter sweet as she has decided she is passing on this coming session of girl scouts to participate in Orion’s class. So it was her last ceremony for the year. But she does seem quite happy with her decision and looking forward to that class.

K has been really into lego construction lately and I’ve really enjoyed seeing is inventive creativity. He only has drama left on the schedule right now, and when we are home, he’s been hard core on the lego stuff. Really taking off with some super creative inventions!

S has had a major verbal boom lately. He’s always been quite chatty and very verbal, but this current blast has been vocabulary and the catch phrases he’s been picking up…. “Mommy, can you do me a favor?” Really funny. Also, the number of descriptives he’s been adding to sentences has been a trip as well.

M is growing and busting out of her clothes! She’s such a happy little ham. Her laugh is priceless. She has been working on a half turn. If placed on a slight 45 degree angle, she can pull herself to her belly. She is trying to sit up when propped on pillows on the couch. She is so happy and so totally in love with each of her siblings. When they greet her, talk with her, kiss her, she just melts¬† their hearts with her beautiful smile.

Went to Winter Wonderland Festival at Navy Pier yesterday. So much fun, and so exhausting! : ) But we did lots and lots and enjoyed a very full day! Kids did a ferris wheel and K freaked the $*#! outta D. But it seemed to be a breaking point in his initial slump when we got there. He had a hard time adjusting to everything and trying to figure out what he wanted to do. He was being a little self-conscious about what friends would think of him and he was unsure of what he could handle. After the ferris wheel experience he pulled himself out of his slump and had a full-on blast. D just took off running, awesome as usual. Glad too b/c she had a little stomach thing on the weekend and I was unsure we should have attempted it. But she was totally fine and had an awesome time. She even says her body aches from all of the climbing and jumping from yesterday! She said she needed to do some of her gymnastics today to help her achy muscles : ) There was even some super duper fun stuff for S too. He did have one slight slump when he tried to climb one of the inflatable slide-thingies. That freaked him out a bit and it ended in laughing tears. It was funny b/c he was proud he did, but freaked he did and after he did thought he’d try one of the bigger ones! : ) I cautiously moved him towards the kids section where he could run around like wild and enjoy things much more his speed… he also really really loved the train ride and K and D took him on there a few times. Awesome day, ended by a yum bag of Garrett’s popcorn!

Been visiting great G’ma as close to weekly as possible. It’s nice to have her here and be able to spend time with her and G’pa. Had a snow stormy day Sunday, and had to reschedule an au pair meeting. Kinda think it was much more work to reschedule than to just move forward with it, but all turned out fine in the long run. Have one family moving into transition this week, but other than that I’ve had a pretty quiet work month. Baked cookies this past weekend an b/c of the storm, did not head to the cookie exchange. Now I wish they weren’t here! : ) Planning xmas dinner and trying to figure out how to please everyone’s palates. I, for one, have fully committed to the vegetarian thing, but everyone else around me has not. Cooking roast, chicken and whatever else, I need to find a dish or tow that I’d really love and enjoy. As I work my way towards vegan, I’m learning how to deal with both. Everyone else here did not fall in love with the idea of vegetarianism, so I’m alone on this life change, and now a new learning curve in feeding 6, but maintaining what I need and want. Feelin’ like a slug lately, I think mostly due to my pure yuck of this weather and the very very little that we spend outdoors now. I just don’t like it at all. When out and about more, I feel quite pleasant.Could also be that I am still feelin’ quite distant from many in our lil’ community. Whatever the reason for that may be, but¬†it’s not a fun feeling at all. Did get out sledding last week. Though I think we all regretted that decision b/c we went after the¬†snowfall when the temp’s dropped¬†drastically. It was bitter cold and I did not last long at all. S took¬†one season sled¬†down the hill and decided he absolutely did not like it. He¬†got quite upset and then wanted to sit in the car and wait for K and D there.¬†He certainly does not like the bitter cold. He seemed to love it when it’s at least 25+ but below that, he’s the first¬†to complain of being so cold.¬†Looking forward to tomorrow being the last classes we have scheduled for the next couple o’ weeks. It will be nice to be able to move on a different pace for a little while, and venture into doing other stuff that we’ve not had the time to do. We are going to do the holiday train this week too, and everyone is very excited about that. I think we will even be able to get SBJ to go along with us. That would be awesome as we all feel like we have not seen much of him at all lately.

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A New Year

So commences a new year. I somehow can’t believe how long this blog has been alive. Though I suppose I am not the best poster (child) for bloggers, but I vow to give it a better try this year. Today marks the third day of a horrific tragedy in Haiti. Record breaking earthquake has completely destroyed the capital and surrounding. So many disbelieving photos coming through the airways. Really has put things much more in prospective for our family. The kids have seen some of the images… lots and lots of discussions going on with each moment of the last couple of days. We have done our part and the kids seem somewhat better about being able to help children in Haiti who need it, but I also feel (and I do as well) that it just does not replace the fact that their parents are missing and/or dead. It’s just horrifically tragic there’s not much more that can be said. Hard to digest. Can’t even fathom what it might be¬†to be living this.

My thoughts go deep into these tragedies. I ponder the ‘why’ to many of these massive life-changing events. Just a few days ago there was a full hour special on TV regarding the massive Tsunami that hit in the East. It’s daunting to see those details as well and hear from the victims and their stories. Many of them still so raw even five years later. Is this the earth’s voice to us? Is this the higher power? Is this natural fate? Why do certain people experience these things in their lives while others escape? What did they now know/see/do before this and what has changed for them now? There are just so many unanswered, and yet here it happens again.


Reflecting on our month so far, it’s been quite peaceful. And for this, I am feel quite lucky. The schedule will pick up soon. The classes will kick into full gear and our weeks will fly by so fast. New Year’s Day we trekked out to Wauconda to have a brunch with family. SBJ needed to work this day, so it was just me and the kiddos on this trek. I find these things challenging with out him around. But it was nice. Great G’ma was in town just a couple days, so this was to welcome her and the new year. P and J made it out there as well, and htat was nice to at least get to see them one more time before they headed back to CA. That weekend usually marks the day that we take down the xmas decorations. I always find this a catch22 day. It’s so great to get all that stuff out of the way. After 5-ish weeks of having the tree up and decorations in the window, it’s refreshing to get our view back. But on the complete flip-side if feels like “oh crap… it’s winter”. The start of winter is always so easy with the holiday stir, and then when it’s gone I feel harshly reminded that it’s winter… and… there’s still a good 3 more months of it to go. Yuck.

Ah, well, part of the reason to book the schedule though. Without the business I could very easily hibernate the whole winter. Their busy schedules gets me out of the house ; ) It’s good for all of us.

There was a fantastic EHE meeting that week. It was the small-group discussion which is always a nice way to get to know people a little more. This was after a day of sledding with friends. I think I was insane for giving into this notion. It was no more than 20… in fact windshield was probably well below. The wind wiped my face. It was painful and I had to recover from wind burn for the next 2-3 days. At least it went away! I was a little worried there for a minute.

We visited with Great G’ma again that week, our first open gym day, sledding, playdates and D’s sports classes started up. She is taking karate and gymnastics back-to-back on Saturdays at Robert Crown. She’s had her first round and just loved it. We then had a special date afterwards. Took her out for lunch and enjoyed her for a few hours to myself. Later that evening I was fortunate enough to have a special date with K as well. We went to see a fabulous show, As You Like It, that was put on by the local homeschool theater group, Thin Ice. It was fabulous and a great time with K. After that we grabbed a donut as DD and chatted for a bit before returning home. I love those opportunities to get one of them one-on-one. It’s special and I know they love it as well. It’s hard to be with everyone 24/7 and not get that time to spotlight. So that was a really special day for each of us.

I ventured to the NUG parents meeting that week and just so glad I did. It’s always been a group of really great women/families that I would love to get to know more. I need to make more effort to do so. It was such a great evening out and great conversation. Its experiences like this that make me realize how much I’m lacking in my needs in this journey and need to do something to adjust that, if even a bit.

Oh! I nearly forgot. That was our first day of our Trivia Mania class and Girls Club. Both were a huge hit, as well as the lunch afterwards. I feel it got off to a really great start, just a few nip and tucks here and there. Namely the lunch afterwards where complete chaos broke out. But the parents involved in the group are so incredibly supportive and lots of fantastic ideas thrown out about how we can change all of that. Looking forward to the next class!

G’pa treated us to a morning of bowling at this cool new place near his house. What an amazing deal for a mom/child bowling morning. Amazing $5 for per child, parent free, unlimited bowling and a buffet of fruit for the kids as well. It was a really nice time with him and Great G’ma as well. That was our last visit with her as she is heading back to FL this Monday. Looking forward to planning a trip down there to visit her … hopefully soon.

Today was our second open gym day and K is really having hard time with this class. It’s nice that it’s a free open space for them to create games and enjoy buring off some cabin fever and pent up energy. However, this too, can lead to some issues that’s harder for some to cope with. Hopefully with time and a supportive community this can change. Otherwise I can see him getting quite sick of it and dropping out as he has with other things in the past. Not to say that I can blame him much though. It’s not easy to feel like the only person wanting to play peacefully and respectfully with others, and then feeling like your friends are choosing sides (and not your own). Challenging in deed. And when I am trying relentless to help him keep his cool…. I could not blame him if he couldn’t one of these times.

Tomorrow is fun times with new friends. Feel blessed to have met them and have them in our lives. The evolving friendship is lovely and everyone here really appreciates everyone in their home. Very cool family and really enjoy spending time with them.

The weekend brings D’s sports classes again, and then Sunday brings meetings for me. I so look forward to the Parents’ Social, but it surrounded by work meetings. This makes me a bit tense. Hopefully I can help K get himself squared away for Trivia before then or Sunday could be really hectic!

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Happy New Year!

We have been fun and busy lately! It was a rush to the end, but always well worth it. Leading right up to xmas we were wrapping, cooking and baking and excited about the upcoming holidays. Xmas eve was hosting at our place. Mom, brother and his wife came by for a nice dinner and fun with the kids.

Xmas day we opened Santa’s presents and only had a brief time to enjoy before we needed to rush off to dad’s place. Lots of people gathered there. Some we had not seen since last xmas. And even “great” grandma (to the kids… my grandmother) came up from Florida to visit for the holidays! It was a treat to have her here!

The kids made out like bandits of course. Lots of fun goodies… and a hamster to boote! Yes, we have a new family member. Grandpa bought “Noel” for them for xmas and she is the cutest little rodent I’ve ever seen. We have thoroughly enjoyed having her here!

And of course this was S’s FIRST CHRISTMAS! ; )
He scored this adorable little ride-on toy and man did he really really love this toy!

And of course, the traditional photo pose that I have for the other two on their first xmas’…. but Shea did not want to wear the hat for me ; )

Ringing in the new year, the kids passed out asleep and SBJ and I watching a movie. In fact, loved the movie so much that we nearly passed the new year completely. If we had not heard fireworks, we may not have even acknowledged it! ; )

Since then, we’ve been visiting Great Grandma while she’s been here. She’s heading back to Florida soon.

Activities are just starting back up again this week and next week. So it’s been a nice little break from the regular, and back to that and more! The kids are signed up for some great things this session and hope they enjoy it all! K will be doing a “MacSith” and clowing class (aka drama and theater type stuff), and possibly Clay class (yet to be confirmed by him). D will be skating and doing PeeWee Drama…. and S is enrolled in music class with me! ; ) Aside, we will be attending open gyms galore and storytimes at the library…. it will be busy but great in these winter months when we are desperate for things to do!

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