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Happy 2019!

ShareWe are ringing in another new year in Albuquerque…. a full year and half of NM life and I have been a total slacker in the blogging department. Our life here is truly incredible! I could not imagine these changes and the impacts they would/could/have/do make on our lives. This coming year, I feel a muse coming on! Watch out! […]

New Year’s Status

ShareThis whole week has been wonderful. We have caught up with friends we don’t usually get to see, and enjoyed all of our free time from classes being off. Yesterday we even connected with my Auntie who I don’t think I have seen since high school and she only lives out in Lombard! It was one of those events in […]


ShareChristmas was FULL…. of absolutely everything! It started early with a package that arrived from CA from AJ and PTU. They really over did it this year, with shipping and all. The kids were so so eager to open *some*thing, that I had to cave and let them pry open the box. I really (really) had them going this year. […]

Gettin’ By

ShareHoliday season is rough this year. I think it’s getting harder for me as the kids get older and I so desperately want to establish some of our own traditions in our family that just don’t get put as a priority. My fault really, as the past few years I have just succumb to everyone else’s plans and put ours […]

A New Year

ShareSo commences a new year. I somehow can’t believe how long this blog has been alive. Though I suppose I am not the best poster (child) for bloggers, but I vow to give it a better try this year. Today marks the third day of a horrific tragedy in Haiti. Record breaking earthquake has completely destroyed the capital and surrounding. […]

Happy New Year!

Share We have been fun and busy lately! It was a rush to the end, but always well worth it. Leading right up to xmas we were wrapping, cooking and baking and excited about the upcoming holidays. Xmas eve was hosting at our place. Mom, brother and his wife came by for a nice dinner and fun with the kids. […]