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Growth Spurts!

ShareYippers! I mean seriously… don’t they know how painful it is to a mama when they ALL grow at the very same time! This past, hmmm…. maybe 1-2 weeks has proven to be a huge spurt for absolutely everyone! K has grown a couple of inches easily, his body broaden, and I see the pre-teen body setting in. It’s frightening […]

One week down… how many to go?

ShareHa… only joking there. But on a more serious note there is a huge sense of accomplishment having gotten through one week already! There is something so insanely stressful about keeping a newborn alive. Really… them figuring out the whole breathing thing, not to mention the breathing with the eating thing…. simultaneously. Oh… well and then the whole eating, breathing […]

Random Thoughts

ShareToday is just day 4 of pixie M’s life with us, and yet it just feels like she’s always been here. Quite wild to think that just 4 nights ago I was in labor. I feel fabulous. Everyone is adjusting quite well considering all of the major changes. And I simply couldn’t ask for anything more. I went out and […]


ShareYet¬†again a long time running since I’ve mustered a blog entry. I can tell you all seriousness… life has been a whirlwind in these last couple of weeks. With in just days of my last posting, SBJ was laid off. A shock I was totally not prepared for, but somehow everything seems ok right now. Basically the co. decided that […]

Happy Birthday “Big D”!

ShareShe’s had a pretty big month! First we had ‘caved’ and bought the birthday bike early b/c we ha been having such awesome weather, we just could not wait till the end of the month!!! Then… a Chucky-Cheese birthday with Uncle P and Aunt J b/c they were taking off for Asia before the big day! So they wanted to […]