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Birth Related Events

ShareToday’s essay for BWI training was about my personal experiences relating to childbirth and breastfeeding related workshops, conferences, meetings. It was kind of a reminiscent piece for me, as much of this I have not thought about in quite some time, and not in the way that was asked of me. Amy Jarjusey – BWI Birth Related Events My very […]

Happy Valentine’s!

Share Woke to a cute lil’ note from D this AM. She is the sweetest lil’ artist ever! K was insistent that he told daddy to get his act together and bring somethin’ home from work for me ; ) K is quite funny. But sure enough, SBJ did as instructed…. an awesome card and LOTS-O-CHOCOLATE! Yipes. I think that’s […]

Etsy Inspired

ShareAlright…. I’m on it now. I’ve been inspired and/or just plain kicked in the butt. Several times over the last couple of weeks people have posted on FB about their Etsy stuff, or their friend’s Etsy stuff and I’m sitting here thinking, why don’t I get my act together b/c I have some pretty creative stuff! I mean come on! So […]

Yes, my middle name is Insanity

ShareHa… sometimes I wonder, you know!? I wonder how many moms out there plan these excrutiating days where it’s one thing after another and the day goes off without a hitch and at the end of the day you want to put yourself on a pedestal b/c you did it! You are super mom! Today was one of those for […]


ShareYes… my next adventure is going to be teaching Bradley Method classes. Really very psyched about the concept as it will lead to the bigger picture as well. I ultimately would love to do Doula work, but seeing as I’m about to have baby 4, this idea is sorta on the back-burner for some time. However, Bradley, something I am […]