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BW in the works!

ShareSo today was one of our most busy days of this week…. a day like no other just before a nice lull is hitting. It started with a trip down to Bazelkas Lithuanian Museum for a very nice tour of the place as well as an egg etching class. Now, we had been down to the museum before with G’ma […]

Here I GO

ShareI just spent the last hour on Amazon ordering all of my books for the BWCE certification. Yipes! All have been purchased and will be on their way here really soon! I then will sit down and fill out my application to be initiated into the program. Each step a bit scarier than the next. But SO exciting I can’t […]

One week down… how many to go?

ShareHa… only joking there. But on a more serious note there is a huge sense of accomplishment having gotten through one week already! There is something so insanely stressful about keeping a newborn alive. Really… them figuring out the whole breathing thing, not to mention the breathing with the eating thing…. simultaneously. Oh… well and then the whole eating, breathing […]