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Saturday bliss

ShareWhat’s not to love about a Saturday? I think it is becoming my absolute favorite day of the week. Never used to be as I used to have a class to cart someone to, or errands to run, or meetings to attend. And as of late I have nix’d all of that. The classes must all be during the week, […]

Stupid Croc

ShareI recently came across this cool suggestion from a website or blog that mentioned taking the time in each day to recognizing your “highlights”. It encourages you to think of and actually write down at least one main highlight in your day and take notice at various other times in your day if you are truly doing what’s most important to you […]

Peas and Carrots

ShareWhat’s not to love about Forrest Gump? I have seen this movie more than a dozen times and yet every time it’s on TBS I watch it yet again. It’s just one o’ the best I tell ya! Life IS like a box of chocolates!

Exciting week!!!

ShareWhere to start?! Well… first of all we had a very exciting Sci-fi workshop happening the last two weekends, and SBJ and K actively participated. Not only had a fantastical time learning cool Jedi moves, but what an amazing/special time for them as well! There was a very very cool performance/recital of sorts the last evening of the workshop, of […]