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ShareYep, this week feels much like a staycation sorta week. I’m thrilled to have not so much scheduled, and the kids seem to finally be feeling the groove of it too. I always feel guilty being home a much as a week like this, but ultimately feel wonderful when we do. We had a full weekend at home, aside from […]

NEW! Wintertime Babywearing Poncho!

ShareThis is my latest item for sale! The winter-time babywearing poncho! It’s so warm n’ toasty, stylish and convenient for mama and adds an extra layer of warmth for baby! Great to wear with all front a back carriers as poncho could be flipped around, though I find it easier to have baby on front for in-out of car, home, […]

One week count down!

ShareSo we are in the final week of the Nakita Baby Mei Tai Giveaway! It’s been so great to receive all of the feedback, comments and stories! I have even exchanged an email or two with some of you regarding your posts! Receiving a new post always puts a smile on my face. Not only am I thrilled that people […]

Sheere beauty… and yet

ShareWhen you have a moment, kick back, relax and take this in: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ethnicbabycarriers/pool/show/ I find it hard not to get totally engrossed in the amazing beauty of the world around us. It’s mind-blowing to me, the differences and uniqueness of so many amazing cultures out there, yet really… we are all one. We all want the same for our families, […]