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Kairya Dorong

Share Life’s been so busy here, and yet in ‘peace only’. That’s always a blessing isn’t it? I reflect on where I last left off and we had just celebrated K’s 8th birthday. It’s sureal how much he has grown both physically and mentally over the last 6-ish months. There have been tremendous changes and I’m thrilled to say that […]

I’m on a roll

Share(Halloween Store #1—?! ; ) So yes, after my last post, I figure ‘why not? I’m on a roll!’ It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, and rightfully so… our life has been so stinkin’ busy lately I’m not sure whether I’m going or going or whether it’s Tuesday or Friday…. let alone October or December! The weather’s been chilly […]

Goin’ too fast

ShareIt’s really crazy how summer seems to be flying by. Already this weekend we are welcoming August and it just feels like it’s barely begun! We’ve been quite busy, clearly b/c I have not update our blog in so long, so it’s at least been a fun summer at that. We checked out Kenosha for the second time. We had […]

D’s first tooth…. lost!

Share So Friday we were backing up to head to Kenosha for the night (2 days) and on the way we stopped off for lunch…. D bit into her sandwich and sowwy, her first tooth came out! Of course it had been quite loose prior. She’d been working that thing pretty hard before then. She was even having trouble eating […]

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Share Here is this year’s ornament that went out earlier this week! Wishing everyone a happy holidays and hope everyone received in one piece! We’ve had nice couple of days. The kids convinced me to celebrate xmas all month long so they opened a xmas present yesterday. I thought I was picking out a good one to give…. but ended […]