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ShareHave you ever given thought to something as deep as this:                 I realize the Law of Attraction is pretty far out there for many folks to digest. Many want nothing to do with it. I however, truly love and appreciate the LOA and strive daily to fully embrace all that it has to […]


ShareThe other evening I received a phone call from a dear friend. I am typically way-too busy to ever pick up a phone call, but this particular instance I was compelled to when I saw her name pick up on the caller ID.  She called because she had been thinking about me (always a warming thing to hear). The day […]

Stupid Croc

ShareI recently came across this cool suggestion from a website or blog that mentioned taking the time in each day to recognizing your “highlights”. It encourages you to think of and actually write down at least one main highlight in your day and take notice at various other times in your day if you are truly doing what’s most important to you […]

Spring has sprung

ShareIn Chicago you never really know when spring will grace you with it’s presence. We have been very fortunate to signs of it popping up all over the place. The tiny buds on the trees, birds chirping again, plants sprouting from the ground, and warmer weather. Well…. the lovely 60-ish degree weather was here till today when snow blessed our […]