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Jedi Knight

ShareSo the play went off with out a hitch. They did such a fabulous job on everything. Busy trying to edit a dvd for prosperity… somehow I get myself hooked into projects I don’t have time in a day for! But it will be so great when it’s completed. Tons of video and photos to go through. Some of which […]

Exciting week!!!

ShareWhere to start?! Well… first of all we had a very exciting Sci-fi workshop happening the last two weekends, and SBJ and K actively participated. Not only had a fantastical time learning cool Jedi moves, but what an amazing/special time for them as well! There was a very very cool performance/recital of sorts the last evening of the workshop, of […]


ShareEveryone here has hit their halloween low…. We thoroughly enjoy the holiday in this house. Probably more than any other holiday. Each year adding more and more decorations, and had them up in late Sept. no less! Even had them in our car windows this year! This year we trick-or-treated in Grandma’s neighborhood…. that was a bit sereal. One neighbor […]