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ShareIt does seem our lives are now heading back to a slow but steady normalcy. I have never had this experience as a mother, and hope that this never repeats itself in the future. It was a horrendous week for all. Toppled with the feeling of single-parenthood in the nights while all 4 sick needing all 1 of me, all […]


ShareWelcome to it. K brought home some lovely somethin’-somethin’ from a class his in, I’m presuming. He had been complaining of a headache and sore throat, but nothing every really developed in a day or two. Then a week went by and he complained of the same and he had a slight fever, around 101. Cold med’s that night were […]


ShareYep…. me. I’ve noticed this growing moodiness in me that I’m not diggin’ so much. I don’t know if this is a postpartum thing or just nature of the current stress levels. I’m sure most would react by saying it’s probably a bit of post baby blues. But not really feelin’ like that’s the thing. I feel more like a […]

A.J and U.P

ShareThey just headed home after a longish weekend here. It was so great to see them. Sorry they did not stay longer, or that we had more time with them. But we did score a nearly full day on Saturday with them, and we soaked up every minute. It was so great to shop with J and pick out materials […]

Motherhood… sometimes sucks

ShareYes, that’s just the plain honest truth. As much as I LOVE being a mama more than anything in the world…. there are those moments where it just sucks. Today might be one of those days…. for me. So the older 2 had wanted to go the pool as of lately, and as much as I was trying to accommodate […]