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ice skating – Nakita Baby
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ShareD has ice skating lessons and is loving it! This last Friday she pleaded that we have a girls’ night out and really really wanted to go to Chipotle for our favorite burritos. Boys were set with lots o’ food left over in the fridge, and we had not been out in a really long time, so I obliged. It […]

Can’t Believe it’s February Already!

ShareTime has sure flown by! I had a fabulous birthday at the end of last month! I got to sleep in till 9:30am because SBJ just happened to be working late that particular day (thus leaving later in the AM)… the kids made me breakfast in bed! I got the little chip-thingy I wanted for my new phone to be […]

Fun things!!!

Share Well… for starters, Friday the kids and I had one of those amazing days where just absolutely everything went better than we could have anticipated. The day was a total relaxed one… b/c of this amazing weather we’ve been having, coupled with the fact that we had not been in a very long while…. we headed down to the […]


ShareSummer is just plain fun, isn’t it? Why don’t more of us (namely me) be this carefree as this all year long? Something I just must train myself to do!!! Much more often than I do! So today we started with D and I running out for a quick Freecycle errand. We picked up some goodies! (TOYS!) Among were some […]


ShareSo, karate was cancelled for today b/c all teachers were competing in the world karate champs or something along those lines. K actually seemed bummed about it. As of late, he did not seemed as enthused about karate, but today he really wanted to go…. go figure. Having SBJ home is very lovely in the AM’s. He is so great […]