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ShareI’m feeling the struggle lately. There are relationships in my life in which I am not at ease with their current status. The stinker part is figuring out how to recreate the relationships for myself andcreate a peace within, and overcome the sadness that they are not what *I expect them to be*. How does that happen? I sometimes think I […]

Motherhood… sometimes sucks

ShareYes, that’s just the plain honest truth. As much as I LOVE being a mama more than anything in the world…. there are those moments where it just sucks. Today might be one of those days…. for me. So the older 2 had wanted to go the pool as of lately, and as much as I was trying to accommodate […]


ShareYet again a long time running since I’ve mustered a blog entry. I can tell you all seriousness… life has been a whirlwind in these last couple of weeks. With in just days of my last posting, SBJ was laid off. A shock I was totally not prepared for, but somehow everything seems ok right now. Basically the co. decided that […]