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Suspicions confirmed and denied

ShareSo….. let’s see. About 20-ish weeks along I was doing my usual home prenatal checks and detected two heartbeats on our fetal Doppler. It kind of threw me through a loop at first, but after further investigating, I did realize I could just be hearing echoing. I did have the opportunity, right about that time, just before our travels, to […]

The Big ONE

ShareM turned one today! I just can’t get over just how quickly this year has past us by. This by far feels like the quickest one yet! Seems like just not-so-long ago that we had that birthing tub set up in this lil’ ol’ room to welcome our little spitfire into the world. And that she is! I still will […]

Labor of Love…

ShareYes, its true, our precious newest, littlest family member has arrived! And what a journey it was! Let’s see… for starters, I had been posting how challenging the last couple of weeks had been. I had been feeling quite tired by the end of each day, and started to feel really ready for her to arrive. I was beginning to […]