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Annual Homeschool Craft Fair – 2015

ShareThe Homeschool Craft Fair is going on its sixth year of offering kids and families a venue to make and sell their incredible wares. If you have an art, craft or talent you’d like to share with the homeschooling community and neighboring public, this is a perfect venue for such. Kids gain the experience of displaying, selling, trading and the […]


ShareAnd not as in “huht-huht-hike!”Took the kids out for a hike the other day and it grew contagious! They have asked for it every day since. What a thrill to discover a winter-stricken forest full of snow, sticks, animals, rivers, uncovered paths, fall trees, animal tracks, iced-over puddles for ‘ice skating’, and MORE! It’s been just so much fun. All of […]

Winter Fun

ShareFound all of these pictures laying around and figured I’d share them somewhere! I used to be so awesome at printing pictures and putting together albums. *Actual* picture books! K has several large books birth through about 3-4 years, D has a few till about 2-ish years old. But beyond that…. everyone is digital. I have fear that I will […]

Gettin’ By

ShareHoliday season is rough this year. I think it’s getting harder for me as the kids get older and I so desperately want to establish some of our own traditions in our family that just don’t get put as a priority. My fault really, as the past few years I have just succumb to everyone else’s plans and put ours […]

A New Year

ShareSo commences a new year. I somehow can’t believe how long this blog has been alive. Though I suppose I am not the best poster (child) for bloggers, but I vow to give it a better try this year. Today marks the third day of a horrific tragedy in Haiti. Record breaking earthquake has completely destroyed the capital and surrounding. […]

November blur

ShareThat’s just about what it was… kicked off with daylight savings right at the start of the month. I’m not sure who took that change harder, the kids or me? I may be still be recovering! 😀 I always love my EHE meetings. It’s quite lovely to be able to escape one evening a month, all to myself with a […]