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Random Thoughts

ShareSo, as usual, I can report that life has been very full and busy at the Jarjusey home. We just wrapped up the Christmas ornament/cards that we send out each year. It was quite unusual this year having to do an ornament with 3 photos!! I found myself reflecting on the last 7 months and realizing, “wow we really do […]

Good tidings….

ShareSo Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We visited mom and it was just us and she cooked a wonderful feast for us. Sat and chatted the day/evening away and truly enjoyed a wonderful day. The kids were thrilled to be a Grandma’s for so long. K has this funny thing…. when he’s had a really awesome time, he’ll rant and rave […]

Deck the Halls!

ShareSo the kids have not even gotten to Thanksgiving yet and they have been begging me to set up the Christmas decorations already! They wanted to enjoy them starting a week ago! We have finally done so today. It was quite fun actually…. this year D was quite in to doing all of the decorating *with* me! (I usually seem […]

The Hermies Have Landed

ShareToday was the BIG day! We are official “pet owners” as of this afternoon appx. 4pm central time! ; ) We had been discussing this for weeks…. well maybe even months! (The kids wanted a cat when I was pregnant with S, and I kept putting it off saying “when the baby is here, we will discuss ‘A’ pet option”…. […]