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RIP Noel

ShareYes, our dear hamster Noel has passed away today. We had seen her pretty frail the last 24 hours or so, and knew the end was coming. And this evening we found curled up in the corner, lifeless. She was a gift to the kiddos 2 Christmas’ ago and so I think she’s lived her life-span with us. From what […]

Run Noel!

Share So these pix are just hilarious… the story behind these… S wanted to hurl our hamster, Noel, across the room! ; ) He seems to be the one that is most keen on our hamster, Noel, who was a gift from Grandpa for Christmas. He goes up to the cage frequently to check on her and say hello to […]

Good tidings….

ShareSo Thanksgiving was quite lovely. We visited mom and it was just us and she cooked a wonderful feast for us. Sat and chatted the day/evening away and truly enjoyed a wonderful day. The kids were thrilled to be a Grandma’s for so long. K has this funny thing…. when he’s had a really awesome time, he’ll rant and rave […]