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Birthday Fun

ShareYesterday we celebrated a big ’12’!!!Mr. K has deemed everything leading up to yesterday part of his birthday celebration 😉 Last week we had a huge venture to see Blue Man Group. What a fabulous show! A lot has changed since I went with SBJ about 13 years ago! And yet much similar as well. It was awesome that we […]

All Around

ShareIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a good ol’ update on each of the J’s around here. Feeling the need to spew a bit, I figure this would be a good opportunity to share all of the going on’s as of late. Shall we go youngest to oldest? Sure…. why not. M is 17 months now. She’s been walking a long […]


ShareWhat a week! Two performances literally intertwined. K started with his performance in Beowulf, Thursday matinee, rushed out to Prop Theater for his evening show. Friday night was the closing night at Beowulf, and Saturday close out with Pigeons with Teeth as a matinee. What a week! What a fabulous job! I am just so proud of how much he […]

Settling Down

ShareWhen I was younger, heck, most of life, I did not gravitate towards one specific group of people, or certain group of friends, or ‘stay still’ long enough to be considered a part of this group or that. I was very much a floater. I enjoyed all people in all “groups”, and was very interested in being everyone’s friend. I […]


ShareChristmas was FULL…. of absolutely everything! It started early with a package that arrived from CA from AJ and PTU. They really over did it this year, with shipping and all. The kids were so so eager to open *some*thing, that I had to cave and let them pry open the box. I really (really) had them going this year. […]

New shoes

ShareSo we didn’t have much on the schedule today… at all really. But I did have plans to head over to my dad’s in the evening for a little get-away date with pops. D wanted to go to the park and K did not. So I bribed K into a park visit if we went out and bought fall sneakers […]