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Summer Speed

ShareThat’s the best way I can describe it. We have spent the E.N.T.I.R.E. summer at a super-awesome-summer-speed. Enjoying hours upon hours at the beach, sprinkled with a few more hours at the parks. We have even been the pool far less than we have in the past summers, and just thoroughly enjoyed full 7-8-9 hour days on the beach. In […]

Full Moon

ShareTonight is an amazing full moon and I had zero motivation to get the kids down to the full moon jam. I have been a bit down in the last couple of days. Mostly a physical thing, but that seems to be taking a toll on the emotional as well. It’s been building for quite some time and feeling so […]

Due Date Day

ShareToday was ‘the’ day. Woke up feeling pretty good and as the day wore on…. not so much. Just lots of pressure, cramping and eventually lower back pain/pressure as well. Headed off to see Hillary for hopefully a final check up! Left kiddos at home this time, partly b/c I needed a little escape. Kids were at each others throat […]


ShareSo while the job-thing is going ‘alright’…. and I mean just alright. Trying to be grateful that employment has entered our household again, but not thrilled about the night shift thingy…. plus yesterday he was called in for a mere 3 hours before his shift, only to come home for about an hour, eat, and turn around and go back… […]


ShareFull of gratitude, full of appreciation, and this…. this…. creates my luck. So what did I do? Go out and buy a lotto ticket of course! ; ) It’s the night of the full moon! How can you not trust that one?!! Great start to what I know is going to be a great week!  : )

Our first Full Moon Jam!

Share We had a blast! I invited Grandpa to join us, and he brought along his drum to join the circle… the invite encouraged us to ‘do’ halloween-ish if desired and we all did a little something. We have a fabulous time down at Foster St. beach celebrating the full moon. The drumming was transing and the fire-throwing a blast […]