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ShareYep, that about sums it up! Helluva day, weekend, week…. you name it. Not in a negative way, thank goodness. But in a “whoa did that just happen?” kinda way. So…. I think I left off at what all we had been looking at in terms of move-to vehicles. Truthfully, after seeing and driving like the 5th rickety old bus…. […]


ShareThe other evening I received a phone call from a dear friend. I am typically way-too busy to ever pick up a phone call, but this particular instance I was compelled to when I saw her name pick up on the caller ID.  She called because she had been thinking about me (always a warming thing to hear). The day […]

Happy Valentine’s!

Share Woke to a cute lil’ note from D this AM. She is the sweetest lil’ artist ever! K was insistent that he told daddy to get his act together and bring somethin’ home from work for me ; ) K is quite funny. But sure enough, SBJ did as instructed…. an awesome card and LOTS-O-CHOCOLATE! Yipes. I think that’s […]

The Friend Who Stands By

ShareWhen troubles come your soul to try You Love the friend who just stands by. Perhaps there’s nothing she can do The thing is strictly up to you. For there are troubles all your own And paths the soul must tread alone. Times when love can’t smooth the road Nor friendship lift the heavy load. But just to feel you […]

Henna belly!

ShareToday was such a fun day catching up with Aunt Jess! She was in town this week and we got a full day all to ourselves. We drove of this AM to pick up a Subway lunch and Jess in north Evanston and shoot over to NUG beach day. Fun that the kids got to catch up with friends, we […]