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ShareIt’s been such a long since I’ve posted but just so much has been going on, I have lots of great pictures and events to post. I feel, as of late, that I have dropped into the deep dark void. The spring/summer cleaning void that is. SBJ and I had recently discussed our moving options and I was feeling like […]

Sanity check

ShareWell… see the delay in posting speaks wonders to how my week went. Many Halloween festivities and stuffs going on that it was hard to keep track. We had the horrible weather Monday and Tuesday, and I was feeling much like a little baby for not wanting to trek around to classes. It wasn’t too bad after I finally shoved […]

Rain Rain Go Away

ShareForecast for tomorrow, beach day, is for rain. Yuck. Kiddos have been dying to get to a NUG beach day and this was our first planned attempt and the weather not lookin’ like it will cooperate for us. So glad we made it out to park day today, at the very least. Yesterday we spent running around exchanging a few […]

The Hermies Have Landed

ShareToday was the BIG day! We are official “pet owners” as of this afternoon appx. 4pm central time! ; ) We had been discussing this for weeks…. well maybe even months! (The kids wanted a cat when I was pregnant with S, and I kept putting it off saying “when the baby is here, we will discuss ‘A’ pet option”…. […]


ShareSummer is just plain fun, isn’t it? Why don’t more of us (namely me) be this carefree as this all year long? Something I just must train myself to do!!! Much more often than I do! So today we started with D and I running out for a quick Freecycle errand. We picked up some goodies! (TOYS!) Among were some […]