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forest preserve – Nakita Baby
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Enjoying the last of Fall

Share So we headed up to River Trail Nature Center, and aside for being reemed out for trying to have a picnic at the center, we had an amazing time! The center itself is truly remarkable. The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed. And the walk we took deep into the forest was just stunning. The “golden sea” was what we […]

More fun with G’pa

Share A short time back we invited G’pa over to our house to ‘play’ all day long and feed him a yummy lunch (thanks to Nancy and her chicken salad recipe ; ) !! While G’pa was here, D and he painted this beautiful mural we have hanging in our office/playroom. I desperately want to find a frame big enough […]

Into the Wild….

Share Some friends of ours had been reading about early humans and their development. A about a week or so ago, we were invited to the forest preserve to create a hut/dweling of sticks, bark, etc.. It was quite a fun adventure (aside from the horrendous mosquitos that made us all look like we had chicken pox for a week! […]

Lions, Jaguarundis and setting traps…

ShareSo we were having this amazingly great winter weather and taking advantage of not freezing our butts off, we headed to Reyerson’s Conversation Area. K literally could have been there ALL day long. He is a true nature boy and was just loving all of the uprooted trees. We had received tons of rain last summer and it appears in […]