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ShareIt’s been that kinda week(s)!!! That last was getting sick and since then been running like a madwoman. But all in a good/fabulous/fantastic kinda way! We have been so flipping busy, but I do love busy…. as long as it has me a few down times in the midst. We did the kids craft fair which was super great. We […]


ShareTis the season! Halloween is just around the corner and it’s been quite the busy month. We’ve been thick in the throws of our last Collective session; boys have both been involved in Edge Theater (S in the production and K as a tech team stage manager); D and M have been attending¬†girl scouts; K is still hosting his D&D […]


ShareThis month has been a blast and has worn me out. Feeling the after affects of the fun we’ve been having and needing to catch up on some rest. The kids classes in full swing and intensifying, specifically the theater stuff where performances are coming up. Drama in the not-so-theatrical classes which I can always live without. And everything else […]


ShareWe opted to cancel the camping adventure this weekend. I checked the weather and the forecast for a low of 42 overnight had me a bit worried. How to keep everyone warm all night long, nurse a baby when it’s nearly freezing temps, and would we all stay healthy afterwards? Was not feeling worth the effort, and I figure they […]

Seasonal Changes

ShareThis week was a busy week of adjustment and a bit of hanging on. We started babysitting this week and overall it went really really great. I’m thrilled that we have found such a great growing relationship with this new family and that all of my kiddos have taken to baby E so easily! Things I had not anticipated was […]

Whole Bunch of Random

ShareSo, I’m finding it harder and harder to post these days. I have well-intentions, but never seem to just sit down and do it. It’s been busy. Ironically, this “lazy” summer we (“I” rather) intended on having just does not seem to be hitting us just-so. But certainly can’t complain. It’s been lots and lots of fun, and more to […]