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ShareSo this beginning of winter has already taken a toll on my running. I thought I’d be pretty hardcore about it. I did anticipate that I’d love the cold weather running. I was not a huge fan of the heat and truly welcomed the cooler weather of this fall. I found it easier in the cool than in the super […]


ShareHave you seen THIS story/experiment? I just came across this today perusing facebook and man…. I love the story. I mean, truly truly love the story. Who in this day and age does not feel the 100 ton pressure weighing on you consistently about eating not only whole foods, but organic…. non-gmo…. foods that literally can break the bank for large families on […]


ShareDon’t you love my new superherione shooz??? Ha. I posted this pic to Facebook asking for some good jogging juju. I had been having some issues with left hip pain and right new “pain”…. more like discomfort. A homeopathic(s) was recommended to me as well as trying out barefoot running. I had to chuckle at that suggestion, not because I […]

Rock Star Adventure

ShareSaturday I had the intention of getting a run in before the rain hit. SBJ had worked that night (before) and was not yet home from work, but I was getting dressed and ready to hit the road as soon as he walked in. Of course, just as I am tying my shoes, he calls to say he was just, […]

You look….

ShareTired. Yep… isn’t that something you always want to hear? Ironically, I showed up to this place feeling awesome. I had a fabulous night’s sleep. I got out the door on time with 4 kids in tow. Kids were all excited about the class, and I was greeted with…. “OHHH…. today you look tired.” I even question, “What? Really? Hmmm…. […]

Open Gym!

ShareHomeschool Open Gym is underway! Having just started up last week, it’s the place to be every Thursday throughout this (yuck) winter season! I just know your kids have to be bouncing off the walls (if not… what’s wrong with mine?? ; ) Where? Chandler Newberger Center, 1028 Central Street in Evanston When? Thursdays, now through March 25th, from 11:30am […]