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Ya see?

ShareA little vent goes a long way! We had a GREAT day today! Nothing spectacular, but yet GREAT! I did say I was going to bed “early” last night didn’t I? Yea…. well… that didn’t happen. Not even close. I woke SBJ at 10p to get ready for work, and that’s usually when I’m getting ready for bed. Good intentions….. […]

Weekends of no rest….

ShareAre not my cup of tea. I love weekends of chill…. This weekend is just not one of them. Longing for a day to just be at home… and not quite seeing it in the very near future. This one was packed full of errands for starters. The only one who willingly went with me was big S. He is […]

Gripey, but happy!

SharePart of me doesn’t even want to post today out of fear that I will sound very gripey. It’s been a long day, but overall things were quite good. So despite the potential gripe that will ooze from my finger tips, I really feel quite at ease this evening and eager to turn on a Netflix-flic and kick back for […]