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Virtual Clay Club

ShareMany of you know by now my girl D is a polymer clay miniature artist. She’s been at it for a few years now. Perfecting her work on a nearly daily basis. She loves to hone in on new skills and challenges herself on every level. As she has sold her craft on a various number of venues, teaches classes, […]


ShareWhile I share no religious affiliation with this story, I can so relate to this article. I feel tormented when I see these massive tree tearing down projects, and quite frankly, quite helpless in the process. This (article/situation) is just taking it step further to have pushed a family so far, and even to the point of threatening their home. […]

How many idiots does it take….

ShareYesterday¬†the city came out and took down this amazingly beautiful elm. I had seen the big purple spray-painted spot predicting this poor tree’s fate, but seriously…. nothing makes that kinda thing easy on me. I get very emotional when seeing a tree come down like that. There is something just insanely murderous about the process, the aura and feelings… The […]

Into the Wild….

Share Some friends of ours had been reading about early humans and their development. A about a week or so ago, we were invited to the forest preserve to create a hut/dweling of sticks, bark, etc.. It was quite a fun adventure (aside from the horrendous mosquitos that made us all look like we had chicken pox for a week! […]