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ShareI am so thrilled to announce these new classes! My awesome friend and all her glory has joined forces with me to coordinate a brand new group trying to bring all homeschooling communities together for some super fun, child-inspired learning and community building! You can check us out on Facebook and be sure to “LIKE” our page to stay connected: CLICK […]


ShareThis month has been a blast and has worn me out. Feeling the after affects of the fun we’ve been having and needing to catch up on some rest. The kids classes in full swing and intensifying, specifically the theater stuff where performances are coming up. Drama in the not-so-theatrical classes which I can always live without. And everything else […]


ShareSo here I sit awaiting the banana bread to finish baking for tomorrow’s girl scout meeting, of which I volunteered D and myself to plan on of the petal activities. Like I don’t have enough going on, but that obnoxious self-inflicted guilt kicks in and of course, the complete inability to say ‘no’ to just about anything someone may ask […]

December bliss

ShareAt this point December is much a blur. But in a very good way. Not those kind of blurs where you are thrilled “that is over”, but one of those blurs that leaves you feeling pretty blissfully happy about life in general. Yea, that’s the kinda bliss that everyone strives for, and that’s the kind of bliss I strive for […]

November blur

ShareThat’s just about what it was… kicked off with daylight savings right at the start of the month. I’m not sure who took that change harder, the kids or me? I may be still be recovering! 😀 I always love my EHE meetings. It’s quite lovely to be able to escape one evening a month, all to myself with a […]

I’m on a roll

Share(Halloween Store #1—?! ; ) So yes, after my last post, I figure ‘why not? I’m on a roll!’ It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, and rightfully so… our life has been so stinkin’ busy lately I’m not sure whether I’m going or going or whether it’s Tuesday or Friday…. let alone October or December! The weather’s been chilly […]