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Oh snap!

ShareWhat the *bleep* was I thinking? Two craft fairs with in a month of each other? And what’s more…. I turned the page of my trusty desk calendar tonight only to realize one is NEXT WEEK?! How the heck did October come to an end so fast? Yipes. I am gonna be one crafting mama the next several days. Now…. […]

Crafty Beavers

ShareToday was our first day of the craft fair and it went really pretty well! We had a few sales, but really the kids just had a super blast. K had a few minor meltdowns b/c he did not sell as he had envisioned his artwork would sell and he had a really hard time taking that in. But once […]


ShareYep…. me. I’ve noticed this growing moodiness in me that I’m not diggin’ so much. I don’t know if this is a postpartum thing or just nature of the current stress levels. I’m sure most would react by saying it’s probably a bit of post baby blues. But not really feelin’ like that’s the thing. I feel more like a […]

December bliss

ShareAt this point December is much a blur. But in a very good way. Not those kind of blurs where you are thrilled “that is over”, but one of those blurs that leaves you feeling pretty blissfully happy about life in general. Yea, that’s the kinda bliss that everyone strives for, and that’s the kind of bliss I strive for […]

November blur

ShareThat’s just about what it was… kicked off with daylight savings right at the start of the month. I’m not sure who took that change harder, the kids or me? I may be still be recovering! 😀 I always love my EHE meetings. It’s quite lovely to be able to escape one evening a month, all to myself with a […]