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Master Chef

ShareThis summer has appeared to be one of many new milestones for everyone here. Each in their own, and in various areas of their lives. S just happens to have been bit by the cooking bug this summer. It began much with my running endeavor. As I would set out for a run, he would be hungry and wanting to […]

The Food Blahs

ShareA few times a year I’ve noticed that I enter into what I call my food-blah phase. This phase is encompassed with an overwhelming feeling of “blah” about all food. Food becomes annoying because I don’t necessarily have a taste for anything at all, and yet need to feed five other people in my life. I’d be perfectly happy with […]

Lucky gal

ShareToday’s my birthday! And an awesome day it was at that. A kinda restless night, by 6a lil’ M decided it was party time and I was not quite ready. SBJ let me sleep in till about 930a!! Yippee did that feel great. I was greeted by eager gift-givers and they were just so excited and so sweet. Lots of […]


ShareYep… my head is literally swimming this evening. Sitting here contemplating what to blog about and have a million thoughts going through my head.  Prepared for a little dip?? I just sat through part of the tv show The Apprentice. I really have no idea what to say to that but, “what??? REALLY??” I had watched the first season or […]

Saturday bliss

ShareWhat’s not to love about a Saturday? I think it is becoming my absolute favorite day of the week. Never used to be as I used to have a class to cart someone to, or errands to run, or meetings to attend. And as of late I have nix’d all of that. The classes must all be during the week, […]

Rain Rain Go Away

ShareForecast for tomorrow, beach day, is for rain. Yuck. Kiddos have been dying to get to a NUG beach day and this was our first planned attempt and the weather not lookin’ like it will cooperate for us. So glad we made it out to park day today, at the very least. Yesterday we spent running around exchanging a few […]