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Bitter sweet

ShareSo…. it seems it’s come to an end…. and as much as I am relieved, I am so utterly sad. It’s mourning time for mama. The big S has seemed to have weaned himself. Yes, that’s right, no more nursing. I’m thrilled we’ve gone beyond 2 years, and I’m thrilled that he seems done before the arrival of new baby, […]


ShareSo we’ve been really been in a good place lately… Things going well, feeling good. Of course we have our minor woes…. one of which I am having a hard time with is S and his nighttime nursing and restlessness issues, which I am hopefully is revolving around teething. But over the last several nights we’ve been testing the waters […]

We’ve been having fun!

ShareSo this last week of FHC was dinosaur week! Man did we have a blast creating our own fossils! But even more fun was just before that, we went to our very first InHome Conference! The first day of our adventure, the kids attending a couple of unschooling workshops that I desperately did not want to miss, and then we […]