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ShareSometimes…. magic just drifts right into our lives and we are left with such an abundance of gratitude we are  simply not sure which mountain top is high enough to launch it from! I’m not sure if today’s magic can be re-encapsulated quite as I hope for so I am simply going to copy and paste the excerpt from the […]

Whole Life Learning

ShareI have recently been moving away from the generalized term “unschooling” or better describing our family as “radical unschooling.” I, quite honestly, have never truly loved this label. I truly love what it stand for, but not necessarily how it sounds. I almost would rather just say (and often do) that we are homeschoolers. Ok…. well… truthfully, even just writing […]


ShareMy 8 year old is longing for some more BOY time…. interested in making more connections and hanging out with older peers. We are looking to start a BOOM Club 🙂 8-10 year olds join us Mondays, April 25th, May 2nd, 9th and 16th (for starters) from 12pm – 2:30pm. Meet at Peterson Park to blow things up, play in […]


ShareThe holidays have us B.U.S.Y! It’s been so awesome though. The end of Kaabilo for the time being was bitter sweet. I looked around the room and realized…. none of these folks had been there from the get-go. No one truly knows what it was like 5 year ago, how far it had come and just how bitter sweet this […]


ShareIt’s been that kinda week(s)!!! That last was getting sick and since then been running like a madwoman. But all in a good/fabulous/fantastic kinda way! We have been so flipping busy, but I do love busy…. as long as it has me a few down times in the midst. We did the kids craft fair which was super great. We […]

NEW Kaabilo Classes (added!!)

ShareThis is an exciting NEW development! Our beloved Joyce Elias is coming back to offer two wonderful three-week workshops at Kaabilo (at the Ethical Humanist Society at 7574 N Lincoln, Skokie) on Tuesdays this fall! Joyce has been teaching with us for quite some time now, and offers classes at her home studio in Evanston. You are missing out big time […]