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ShareThe holidays have us B.U.S.Y! It’s been so awesome though. The end of Kaabilo for the time being was bitter sweet. I looked around the room and realized…. none of these folks had been there from the get-go. No one truly knows what it was like 5 year ago, how far it had come and just how bitter sweet this […]

Christmas Best

ShareThis year the kids approached me about my general sense of ba-hum-bug over the holiday. It’s not that I hate Christmas at all, but I do tend to feel overly daunted by the general sense/need to have to buy-buy-buy. That in and of itself tends to really ruin the whole magic of the season for me. It really always has […]


ShareChristmas Eve was pretty mellow-jello. We hung out at home, played games, watched a movie (K has started me on the Lord of the Rings trilogy). About mid-afternoon I realize dinner would be a wise plan at some point, and decided to make Domoda. We had not had it in quite some time, so I was really looking forward to […]

Season of Change

ShareLast year we were forced to celebrate xmas in a new version because we were headed on a road trip to CA. I had a wonderful time with the kids on our 2 week adventure, and just prior to leaving we had a wonderful start to a brand new tradition. Because it was such a wonderful new tradition I had […]

Adventure bound and back (pt.6 and final!)

ShareHitting the road from Moriarty we are not all that far away from Roswell. We love these short rides and relish in the stopping when needed. However this time we are off the beaten path to get down to Roswell and there’s not much on this lil’ highway that we’re on. We vere off of the main highway (40) onto […]

Adventure bound and back (pt.5)

ShareSo we are headed out on new year’s day and seems to be a good choice in terms of beating some holiday traffic. I noticed coming into town that the highway going out was jam-packed going out in the middle of the day. Made me nervous that going out could start off rouhg and make the start of a long […]