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ShareGetting through that to-do list and getting things done…. finally! The ba-hum-bug is finally leaving the building and I’m getting geared up. Got our holiday ornament/card done today! Will be off the mail tomorrow and thrilled that was accomplished. I am planning on still getting a family card/newsletter together for others as I only made a whopping 15 ornaments this […]

December bliss

ShareAt this point December is much a blur. But in a very good way. Not those kind of blurs where you are thrilled “that is over”, but one of those blurs that leaves you feeling pretty blissfully happy about life in general. Yea, that’s the kinda bliss that everyone strives for, and that’s the kind of bliss I strive for […]

The "All In One" Holiday Gift

ShareTis the season to start thinking about those holiday cards you send out in the mail! Each year people ponder what is the best way to wish their friends and family a ‘happy holiday’ season. It’s a tough choice, “do we just send a ready-made card?”, “do we hand-make something?”, “what about a family newsletter?”, and “is this a friend/family […]