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Best Hubby Ev’a

ShareHere I sit…. trying to plug away at some class planing so I can pick up supplies tomorrow. Phone rings and I see it’s SBJ. My heart jumps thinking it might be something wrong because why on earth would he call at 12:05am from work? I answer…. He jumps into (loud and proud) “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to […]

Birthday Amidst

ShareIt’s been a very busy busy week. Not only were there some classes ending while others were starting up, but we all in varying degrees were battling some cold-thing going on. Hit some of us a lot harder than others, and trying to keep up with life while so much was going on…. well, ya know. K and D both […]


ShareA really nice day marking a nice Thanksgiving, a 2 month old ‘birthday’, and an early celebration of SBJ’s 43rd birthday. Well… at least that’s how old his birth certificate tells us, but we don’t know for sure just how old he is! ; ) Thanksgiving was a lovely feast prepared by mom. G’ma Marj moved back up here from […]

Spring has sprung

ShareIn Chicago you never really know when spring will grace you with it’s presence. We have been very fortunate to signs of it popping up all over the place. The tiny buds on the trees, birds chirping again, plants sprouting from the ground, and warmer weather. Well…. the lovely 60-ish degree weather was here till today when snow blessed our […]

Happy Birthday Boober

ShareIt’s official… a full 12 months has past and he’s a full year old! I truly can’t fathom how this year just flew right by us. It feels like just yesterday that I was stressing about the colicy-ness of his first 2 months, and then watching him cruise around by 4 months, and waddling around by 11 months. He’s just […]

The April Run Down….

ShareSo the weather is finally shapping up to be more like Spring and we thoroughly enjoyed today’s 80 degree weather down at the beach with some friends. It’s been busy the last few weeks, and I’m just gonna do the Jarjusey run-down on everything that has been and comin’ up! Since last checkin’ in, we had K’s 1st b-day party […]