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Portland Onward

ShareThe incredible journey rolls on! After our hole up nights in Spokane we ventured onward to Portland for our first ever Life is Good conference. Passing the Multnomah Falls for our first ‘real super tall’ falls sighting was a blast! We also enjoyed the other beautiful sights right around that state park area. Oregon is just breath taking, in so […]

5th Birthday

ShareRounding out our year of kid birthdays is our precious M. She turned five today! My first homebirth baby, and quite the ball of sweetness and spitfire all rolled up into one. Her smile and laugh is contagious. You can’t help but fill with joy when you see her happy. The day started off with a weird kick to it. […]

1st BDAY

Share This baby….. THIS baby…. she just R.O.C.K.S.!!!! She is a little ball of spitfire. She is determined, funny (hilarious actually), cuddly, smart as smart can be, active, walkin’!!!, talkin’!!!!…… DANCING and SINGING kinda baby. She is everyone’s pride and joy. These siblings…. they just eat her up ALLLLLL day long. She’s a blessing among this already A.M.A.Z.I.N.G bunch of […]

Birthday Fun

ShareYesterday we celebrated a big ’12’!!!Mr. K has deemed everything leading up to yesterday part of his birthday celebration 😉 Last week we had a huge venture to see Blue Man Group. What a fabulous show! A lot has changed since I went with SBJ about 13 years ago! And yet much similar as well. It was awesome that we […]

Winter Fun

ShareFound all of these pictures laying around and figured I’d share them somewhere! I used to be so awesome at printing pictures and putting together albums. *Actual* picture books! K has several large books birth through about 3-4 years, D has a few till about 2-ish years old. But beyond that…. everyone is digital. I have fear that I will […]

Mama’s Whirl-Wind

ShareThis weekend was such a coaster ride! Started off with a wonderful Friday where I felt like the whole day was Saturday, and accomplished a ton of stuff both with the kids and for myself, and then realized, “Yay! It’s really Friday and I get to do Saturday all over again!” Saturday was a blast. Many doubters that we would […]