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Ol’ Friend

ShareIf any of you babywear out there…. you will know how sad this truly is…. For some, babywearing is a fashion addiction, needing every kind of carrier out there and lovin’ your collection. Changing it up everyday. The stylish babywearers out there. I know you 😉  For me, I’m the opposite kind…. I find my one true love and that […]

Sling love

ShareI received an order for a ring sling recently and just finished it today. I love making new slings and pouches for mamas and babies. I find it quite rewarding and pour lots of love into them. My signature sling has become one with batik fashions. With the pouches, I tend to use an entire batik fabric per the mama’s […]

Swimming Sling!

ShareSummer is approaching quickly! This early spring-like weather has us all reminisent of the pool and beach weather to come soon! One thing I never go swimming without is my swim sling! This guaze sling is a must-have, especially the mama with more than one child to have those hands free for! Having 4 kids myself, I find my gauze […]

Reversible Pouch!

ShareI’ve been doing a few more pouches lately. Over the ring slings and the mei tai’s I’m really falling in love with the snuggly little pouch design. This one is fabulous. Two beautifully coordinated materials makes it a reversible fit for mama and baby! Order your’s now!

Mr K

ShareMy dedication to the lil’ man in my life. He has sent me on a journey I could have never envisioned entering into motherhood. I continually contest that he was born knowing. He has always known, and I’ve always had to be open to learning. Lord knows that has not always been easy. It’s not always been something I feel […]

Random Thoughts

ShareToday is just day 4 of pixie M’s life with us, and yet it just feels like she’s always been here. Quite wild to think that just 4 nights ago I was in labor. I feel fabulous. Everyone is adjusting quite well considering all of the major changes. And I simply couldn’t ask for anything more. I went out and […]