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Love this….

ShareSomeone posted this to FB and I wanted to make note of it…. I really love this; Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of love. ~ Maureen Hawkins


ShareA really nice day marking a nice Thanksgiving, a 2 month old ‘birthday’, and an early celebration of SBJ’s 43rd birthday. Well… at least that’s how old his birth certificate tells us, but we don’t know for sure just how old he is! ; ) Thanksgiving was a lovely feast prepared by mom. G’ma Marj moved back up here from […]


ShareHaving taken advantage of a day at home… to do absolutely nothin’ much at all, I have found my to-do list growing and a bit out of control. One thing I’ve noticed since addition of baby 4, is that grooming of peoples has become pretty much an all-day event! Aside from baby who could care less and just wants to […]


ShareWhata day. Beginning to question whether down time at home is such a good thing for us. Busy Mondays and Tuesdays, as crazy as they can be, seems to end the day in bliss vs a day at home (attempting to cherish down time) and ending in shere anger. This is the second week like this, and I am actually […]

Mr. Boober is 5 months old!!!

ShareOh my how the time flies! I just can not believe he is 5 months old…. What a whirlwind adventure since he’s joined the scene. I find it so amazing, fascinating and awe-dropping at how unique this little man really is. It’s remarkable that they can be so individual! His latest tricks…. Well…. he is sitting. Though still a little […]

The BIG 3 MO!

Share That’s him…. little man is already 3 months old! Can’t believe how the time is flying. Can’t believe how ‘solid’ he feels in my arms. Becoming a true ‘little man’!!! Weighing in at nearly 16 lbs. and already 25 in. long! He’s quite the charmer. Will coo and goo at just about anyone…. as long as mommy or daddy […]