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Whole Bunch of Random

ShareSo, I’m finding it harder and harder to post these days. I have well-intentions, but never seem to just sit down and do it. It’s been busy. Ironically, this “lazy” summer we (“I” rather) intended on having just does not seem to be hitting us just-so. But certainly can’t complain. It’s been lots and lots of fun, and more to […]

Birthday Amidst

ShareIt’s been a very busy busy week. Not only were there some classes ending while others were starting up, but we all in varying degrees were battling some cold-thing going on. Hit some of us a lot harder than others, and trying to keep up with life while so much was going on…. well, ya know. K and D both […]

Etsy Inspired

ShareAlright…. I’m on it now. I’ve been inspired and/or just plain kicked in the butt. Several times over the last couple of weeks people have posted on FB about their Etsy stuff, or their friend’s Etsy stuff and I’m sitting here thinking, why don’t I get my act together b/c I have some pretty creative stuff! I mean come on! So […]


ShareWhata day. Beginning to question whether down time at home is such a good thing for us. Busy Mondays and Tuesdays, as crazy as they can be, seems to end the day in bliss vs a day at home (attempting to cherish down time) and ending in shere anger. This is the second week like this, and I am actually […]

Woop woop!

ShareI’m back! Not sure what the cliche was… but I had not been able to post for several days due to being unable to log in or get to my site. Probably somethin’ my brother finagled to get me back up and running. Somehow…. I’m back! So…. we are just days from baby-launch a.k.a. due date! Literally just 3 days and […]


ShareAnd looking forward to this week being more mellow than it’s been. I’ve not been keeping up well, and though thoroughly trying to enjoy everything going on, I don’t think I have done a very good job of that till after the fact. That’s surely not the way I anticipate things going, but b/c things feel so rushed it seems […]