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Virtual Clay Club

ShareMany of you know by now my girl D is a polymer clay miniature artist. She’s been at it for a few years now. Perfecting her work on a nearly daily basis. She loves to hone in on new skills and challenges herself on every level. As she has sold her craft on a various number of venues, teaches classes, […]


ShareSo after just oh-so-many days of not being able to just sit and ‘be’, I finally have a full weekend of it and I have to say it is just SO hard for me! So I think I had posted recently that I was in this whirl wind of activity getting the halloween dance party in full swing, and on […]

Girls Club

ShareFor homsechooled girls ages 5-7 years old gather weekly to explore each other interests. This is a community run group (not a drop-off) in which the parent/child participating each get one week to choose interests, plan activities and implement them during Girls Club. Activities included vary from storytime, coloring, arts and crafts, puzzles, games, dress up, tea parties, baking, acting […]