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Swimming! – Nakita Baby
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I gots some swimmin’ fiends on my hands!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks with the swimming skills flourishing all around. K’s latest “tricks” have been to finally (and I mean FINALLY!! ; ) putting his head under water and realizing he won’t drown! Just last week he realized that he could stick his head under, and that led to him actually checking out the goggle mask I had purchased for him a few years ago. When he realized that the mask would block his nose and he could see underwater…. he was in TRUE love. He is now a “scuba diver” (by his standards : ) and just can’t get enough. So after a full 5 hours of swimming yesterday at the pool, he desperately wanted to go to the beach to scuba dive there as well. After a bit of time complaining that the water was too stinkin’ cold, he got over that and finally dived right in. He was sure he saw a shark under there : )

D’s just the little swimmer. She’s been comfortable with her head in the water since last summer, so this summer she is really trying to master the bubbles-from-the-nose-thing. She tends to hold her breath, or blow out from her mouth, but not yet from her nose. I told her when she braves that one, I’d find her a swim team. She’s dying to figure out strokes and really cruise in the water. I’ve lent and hand to some stroke work and she’s really working hard to master, but till she gets them bubbles-outta-da-nose the stroke work will be kinda slow. I can see her falling in love with being on a swim team. She needs to exert some major energy daily and she’d really dig that.

And of course, S-man. He started the summer with not wanting to even put his feet in the water at the beach. And at the pool, he’d go in if I was holding onto him. Well…. that’s about 360’d since. At the beach, he is brave enough to run to the water and flop himself in. A little too brave for my comfort as I am sure that he will not realize that he can fall forward and into deeper water. Fortunately, not happened yet…. but yea, I get a little heart-throbby when I see him whirling himself down to the lakefront! ; ) At the pool we go to they have these life vests for kiddos to wear, and he’s gotten super duper comfortable cruisin’ around on his own there. Even hurling himself down the water slide! Crawling under waterfalls and just diggin’ the water a ton! He tries desperately to do what the big kids do by sticking his head under, but he’s just not quite getting the bubble-thing. It’s really pretty comical too. I’ll demonstrate, and he’ll repeat the spurting action out of the water, but as soon as his mouth goes to the water, he opens it WIDE! Today was even more hilarious…. he was putting on a set of the goggles and telling me to watch him. He’d run down to where there was less than a half inch of water and put the goggle/mask into the water and then stand up…. “did you see me mommy?!” He’s super proud.

They are already planning the next swimming session. They are trying to decide if skipping park day for swimming is something they want to do Thursday : ) The verdict is still out.

blackberry-uploads_2010-056  (video of today…. for some reason I can’t get the sound to work on it…. stay tuned on the technical difficulty as I have many other videos I’d love to upload as well!)

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